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NBE Pedicardio Learning

The National Board of Examinations of India, the national body that sets standards for Indian post-graduate medical education and examinations, People4People, a nonprofit charitable trust in India and Children’s HeartLink, a nongovernmental organization based in the U.S.A. dedicated to improving access to pediatric cardiac care in underserved areas of the world by building capacity through training and education at health care centers and through community-based partnerships, are working collaboratively to standardize pediatric cardiology education to ultimately improve the screening, referral and treatment system for children with heart disease in India through an eLearning program. The National Board of Examinations of India fully supports and endorses the eLearning program and made participation mandatory for all pediatric cardiac fellows in India. The pediatric cardiac eLearning program includes live weekly e-lectures, journal articles, videos and quizzes by teachers from centers in India and around the globe. Registered users have access to all content, which includes more than 130 e-learning videos. Non-registered users can access some e-learning educational video content on our dedicated YouTube page. The pediatric cardiac eLearning program was designed for use in India, but can be applied to or accessed by anyone worldwide because it is our aim to improve access to pediatric cardiac care globally. Contact People4People with questions: people4people@telradsol.com Important Links People4People: people4people.in National Board of Examinations: natboard.edu.in Children’s HeartLink: childrensheartlink.org

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eLearning in Pediatric Cardiology has been initiated by Children's HeartLink, People4People, and National Board of Examinations of India. Welcome to our pediatric cardiac care eLearning program, the first of its...

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